An energetic live performer and a precise recording musician who specialises in rock and metal genres. Ellie has  experience touring and playing live all over the UK, Europe and beyond.

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About Ellie

Ellie Daymond is extremely versatile ability has lead her to quickly become one of the South West's busiest female drummers. Comfortable playing all styles of music she has a passion for rock, pop, funk and metal.

Ellie has previously worked with a number of different artists all over the UK and is currently drumming for Bristol's Comsic Ninja and has recently joined JOANovARC as a permanent member.

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Ellie's Reviews

"Some of the best drumming I have heard in a long time from Ellie. Every song was accompanied by delicious, often jazz-like stick work that took their sound up above the norm."
Devils Gate Media
"Daymond beats on the rim of the drum which starts off Quinn Condition, the track builds to a rocking beat and is most certainly a crowd favourite."
National Rock Review
"The rhythm section supple and inventive – so no bashed out perfunctory “will this do” beats."
Bristol 24/7
"Fabulous music and Flowerpot were outstanding. Great songs and the drummer was one of the most original, inspiring players I’ve seen in for a longtime"
Jon Voake
Keynsham Music Festival
"I must say that whoever the drummer is in Flowerpot that she is exceptional...really. You're an extremely talented drummer"
Andy Taylor
"You always look so relaxed behind the kit and you do the simple thingsperfectly which even for a lot of drummers is hard - your dynamics are shit hot!"
Laurence Caird
Tie Fighter Pilot
"What made Flowerpot different, and quite exciting, was the rhythm section. I have seen lots of young bands where this is the weakness, but here it was a standout strength."
Devils Gate Media

Gig News

Keep up-to-date with Ellie's upcoming dates and explore her past gigs. The new website is a work in progress, keep an eye on social media for gigs and I'll post when new content is added here.

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